The enchanted forest table

14. November 2020 by Isabelle Van Groeningen
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It's magic! © Isabelle Van Groeningen

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When did you last have the chance to take a closer look at a woodland floor? To feel soft cushioning moss under your feet and inhale the scent. One of the best Perfumes on earth, I find. A small luxury, that can release a wonderful feeling of inner peace and tranquility. With our enchanted forest table, we have tried to captivate this microcosm as nature created it. Enjoy the bizarre shapes of mushrooms, mosses, liverworts and herbaceous plants. Observe dew drop chains and silvery hats from keen multipedes,  ornaments from the fruits of the forest, bark and the gown of autumnal foliage. Beauty is to be found in the smallest detail. Be a guest at our table, laden with all of nature’s delicacies.

Julia Matthies, gardener of the Königliche Gartenakademie
Zu Tisch, es ist gedeckt! © Isabelle Van Groeningen
At the table!

As part of our Wood theme that has dominated the Garden Academy this autumn, one of our valuable gardeners Julia had the idea of decorating the terrace in front of the root house as an enchanted forest theme. Having bought some old chairs on the internet and using one of our heavy tables made of old beams, she set about decorating the area.  A selection of trees affiliated with our woodlands such as oaks and hornbeam create the setting. The table, covered in thick cushions of moss is decorated with ferns, sedges and cyclamen. Old man’s beard is draped across it all. Acorns and shiny chestnuts nestle in the moss like precious ornaments. The seats of the chairs consist of moss with grasses growing out of them. Whereas the paths at the Garden Academy are swept and raked every day to keep everything looking tidy, in this area Julia scattered the first leaves of autumn, and in the course of the weeks they have been allowed to stay. 

Alice in Wonderland

Moos macht glücklich, wussten Sie das? © Isabelle Van Groeningen
Did you know – moss makes you happy

This magical scene reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. If you have the chance, come and see it. Even though officially the Wood theme has passed on the baton to the Advent season this weekend, the beautifully decked table remains to be enjoyed by all. The fiery red dogwoods may have lost their leaves, but the hornbeams are still a rich yellow and the soft mossy cushions into which the sedges are embedded will remain green and welcoming throughout the winter.

Hingucker zur Herbstzeit, der Waldtisch © Isabelle Van Groeningen
Autumn eye-catcher forest table

If you cannot make it to Berlin these coming weeks, go for a walk in a wood near you. Feel the soft woodland floor under your feet and inhale deep the unique damp smell. Let your eyes feast on the beautiful details with which mother nature adorns herself.

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