02. February 2020 by Isabelle Van Groeningen

I am having a break …

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and having a two week holiday.

I wish you nice winter days and I hope this Hamamelis will delight you as much as me!

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25. January 2020 by Isabelle Van Groeningen

Rejuvenating old gardens

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Private garden © Isabelle van Groeningen

Private garden with encroaching shrubbery

Flagge Deutschland für deutsche ÜbersetzungZum deutschen Text – Sitting in my Doctor’s waiting room this week I had plenty of time to look out into the garden. Situated in one of Berlin’s leafy suburbs, it is a typical villa-garden, with a small grassy front garden, overshadowed by a large larch tree. The back garden is a rectangular plot, consisting of a central grass space, surrounded by a slowly encroaching mass of shrubs. Once upon a time, somebody invested a lot of thought, time and energy in this green lung. Continue Reading →

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19. January 2020 by Isabelle Van Groeningen

Winterflowering Iris

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Iris unguicularis Frost © Isabelle van Groeningen

Iris unguicularis Frost

Flagge Deutschland für deutsche Übersetzung Zur deutschen Version – May I firstly wish you a happy New gardening Year. I hope 2020 will be a floriferous one! It seems odd to think it is the start of a new year, and yet the temperatures outside are so mild, it feels like spring. Last night as I left the Garden Academy it was almost dark, yet I could hear the blackbirds still sing their cheerful song, full of the promise of spring. Continue Reading →

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21. December 2019 by Isabelle Van Groeningen

Evergreens which flower during the dark, cold season

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Helleborus 'Ice'n Roses' - Immergrüne© Isabelle van Groeningen

Helleborus ‘Ice’n Roses’ – evergreens

 Zur deutschen Version

My last article in this series (and for this year) is about the courageous evergreen plants that flower despite the short, dark days and low temperatures. The winterflowering Heathers I already mentioned in my article last week. There are several which I won’t include as they are not reliably hardy even in the more temperate areas of Germany (like Camellias for example or Clematis cirrhosa), but do look at these few winter beauties. Continue Reading →

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15. December 2019 by Isabelle Van Groeningen

Ericaceous plants for Winter effect

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Rhododendron in Glendurgan, Cornwall © Isabelle van Groeningen

Rhododendron in Glendurgan, Cornwall

Zur deutschen Version

For the past two weeks I have been writing about plants that provide valuable green colour in our monochrome wintery gardens and mentioned the Japanese art of using azaleas as clipped evergreen structure. Azaleas are part of the ericaceous family which contains many plants that can be used to great effect, which is why they deserve an article just dedicated to them. Continue Reading →

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08. December 2019 by Isabelle Van Groeningen

More Evergreens for the wintergarden

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Immergrüner Garten - Gartenakademie © Isabelle van Groeningen

Immergrüner Garten – Gartenakademie

( German version)

For the first Advents weekend I wrote about the evergreen shrubs in my small courtyard garden. However large or small a garden is, plants that retain their foliage during the wintermonths are invaluable, which is why I continue this advents series on evergreens with those that provide great structure. Continue Reading →

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01. December 2019 by Isabelle Van Groeningen

Valuable evergreens in my garden

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Green screen © Isabelle van Groeningen

Green screen

German version

As the last autumnal colours disappear from our landscape and the wintery silhouettes of tree and shrubs show their beautiful outline against the wintery sky, I start to really enjoy the evergreen touches in the garden. During the summer months they do not stand out in amongst all the other green plants, but now they are the most welcome and important plants in the garden that not only provide some welcome colour, they also offer valuable shelter for numerous garden birds. Continue Reading →

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